New Online Casino Sites 2023

When it comes to new online casinos, there are plenty of them to choose from. The team here at NSS figured that we would put together a guide to give you a nudge towards the best ones around. This is not a complete guide by any stretch of the imagination, but there is certainly enough information here to give you a ‘nudge’ in the right direction.

UK Gambling Commission

Whenever you stumble across new online casinos, you need to ensure that they can work in the United Kingdom. To do this, you need to check whether they are registered with the UK Gambling Commission. If they are, it should say so at the bottom with their licence number. If they are not, do not gamble there. You are not protected if something goes a bit wrong.

Selection of Games Available

Most of the people who are browsing our website are going to be interested in slot machines. In fact, most people who play at online casinos are going to be interested in slots in general. It is the most popular game type there is, mostly because it is so easy to get into and there are so many choices.

However, we would never advocate using an online casino which only has slots. We know that eventually you are going to wish to play something else, and you will want to ensure that the online casino has something else to bring to the table. We do not see much sense in having your funds spread out across multiple sites. 

We love sites which offer a good selection of table games at the minimum. However, we know that there are some people out there who are going to wish to get involved in the world of live betting, which is cool with us. It is fun playing like that. New casinos such as Casimba casino are offering an immense amout of slots, casino games and also live games which will suit literally all types of players. Casimba is therefore an all rounder as opposed to some new sits which pureply focus on the slots.

Mobile Functionality

Since most people seem to be playing at online casinos through their mobile device nowadays, if an online site does not allow you to play using your mobile device, then we give it a skip.

This means that the site needs to work in your mobile browser. We do not like sites which make you download additional software to play their games. It is far too cumbersome.

Site Functionality

We also look for the following in a good site. All Uk casinos will have a decent customer support system in place. It needs to be quick and easy to message the customer support team. It is unlikely that a new online casino will have a live chat system in place owing to the expensive of it, but they should at least be answering any emails within 24-hours.

In fact, you should not even need to contact them if the site is good. Every common question, and some of the more unique ones, needs to be highlighted in their online support guide.

It needs to be quick and easy to deposit money into your account. There should be several methods available. It is always going to be a bit trickier to withdraw money from an online casino due to various laws in the UK, but the company should make it as smooth as possible.

A low minimum withdrawal amount would come in handy (we have seen some casinos with minimum withdrawals of £100 which is, quite frankly, stupid). We also love if there are various ways to withdraw your money too. Here are some more tips on how to get started at an online casino.

Casino Site Bonuses

Finally; we like to look at the various bonuses that the site offers. The brilliant thing about gambling online at a new site is that their desire to stand out from the crowd means that they are always going to offer the best site bonuses.

We are not just talking about on the welcome bonus level, but their loyalty bonuses (i.e. what you get for sticking around) are going to be some of the best in the business too. 

Looking for new online casinos?

Of course, we don’t want you to go out there and track down those online casinos on your own. It is way too much effort when you really want to play. This is why the team here at New UK Casinos have put together a list of some of the best places around. Make sure that you bookmark this list and check back regularly. We will do our best to ensure that we continue to highlight the best online casinos.